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Help Our Veterans Take Their Next Steps Forward


Other Ways to Give

• If you would like to send your donation by mail, please make check payable to:

1127 High Ridge Road, # 124
Stamford, CT 06905

• Host a fundraising event. Click here to contact our events team.

• Create a fundraising event on Facebook. Go to, click on "Select nonprofit" and search for "SoldierStrong".

• Include SoldierStrong in your will or living trust

• In-kind donations, matching gifts, or to request more information contact us here

Save & Improve Lives By Donating to SoldierStrong

With so many veterans service organizations out there today, it can be difficult to choose which one to support. SoldierStrong is a nonprofit for veterans with a sophisticated and multi-pronged approach to helping veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Our programs not only help veterans recover from mental and physical wounds but also help them thrive in civilian life.

Your Donations Directly Support Programs For Veterans

As a dedicated veterans charity, SoldierStrong works to provide nonprofit programs for veterans that encompass both mental and physical health. Learn more about our veterans' non-profit programs below.

The BraveMind Program is a game-changing veteran PTSD treatment program. Mental health professionals use this virtual reality exposure therapy program to help improve the quality of life for PTSD-afflicted veterans. Your donation directly funds this effective virtual reality therapy for veterans.

The Real Recovery Program is the partner program of our BraveMind program. While BraveMind uses immersive VR technology to help heal mental wounds, Real Recovery uses this technology to help heal the body. Physical therapy treatments using this VR therapy system help veterans regain motor skills, range of motion, and cognition after traumatic injuries related to their service.

The SoldierSuit Program builds on SoldierStrong’s commitment to using the latest technology to help our veterans recovering from spinal cord injuries. This program helps fund groundbreaking robotic exoskeleton suits for paralyzed veterans provided by cutting-edge robotics firms. Your SoldierStrong donation literally helps our veterans take their next steps forward.

• Our SoldierScholar Financial Aid Program goes beyond healing our veterans. This military scholarship program helps veterans and their family members have a more prosperous life through education. This veteran education assistance program enables former service members to fill education funding gaps.

At SoldierStrong, we believe efficiency, transparency, and excellence should be at the heart of everything we do. We keep our operating costs extremely low to ensure your donation to our veteran’s charity has maximum impact. With your help, we can continue to provide veteran scholarships as well as advance veteran mental health services and physical therapy through the development of innovative technologies. Learn more about your donation at work.